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e-business solutions

Thanks to the Internet, businesses have been able to break free from the conventional methods of advertising and selling, opening up a literally worldwide market to providers of goods & services who would not otherwise have been able to afford global expansion.

Conversely, customers have been able to buy goods & services from outlets all around the world right from their home or office - goods & services they would not have been able to obtain from anywhere in their local area.

E-commerce makes it quick and easy for customers to order the goods and/or services you provide, and is profitable for your business as it minimises the administration costs associated with advertising and shipping your goods. You can be assured of payment in full and you will receive orders from around the world, an advantage in particular for small businesses who simply would not be able to sell worldwide by any other means.

The Internet is without a doubt the world’s largest and fastest growing marketplace. According to the Computer Industry Almanac, the number of Internet users worldwide has grown from 61 million in 1996 to 490 million in 2002.

As the Internet expands, more and more people turn to online services for everything from booking a holiday to buying a new car to having the weekly groceries delivered to their door.  You only have to look at success stories like Ebay, Amazon and GreenGrocer to know the potential of e-commerce for the smallest and simplest of businesses.

E-commerce worldwide has grown at a similarly exponential rate to Internet usage.  In 1996, $US1.9 billion changed hands through online trading. It is predicted that $US80 billion will be made in Internet sales by the end of the 2002 calendar year.

Is this a marketplace you can afford NOT to be in?

Advertising and selling on the Internet is also a lot cheaper than other methods of publicising your business, such as advertising through television and print media. Setting up a website guarantees worldwide exposure for your business, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The cost of advertising around the world by any other means is phenomenal, and often daunts small businesses from going global.

The advantages of selling your goods through the Internet are limitless and Netsell is here to guide you through it every step of the way.


serious about e-commerce

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