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domain names

Your domain name is your own address on the Internet.  It is important for a business on the Internet to use and promote your own domain name as it helps customers find you easily.

You can also use your domain name in your email address, eg info@yourcompany.com.au or admin@yourcompany.com.au

Would you buy a product from www.companysellingproducts.com.au or www.internetserviceprovider.com.au/members/companysellingproducts?

Unfortunately a great number of companies today are declined their choice of a domain name because it has already been registered, eg Joe’s Web Design may wish to register jwd.com.au which may already be taken by Joe's Wheels & Deals.

This is a common problem.  Avoid it by registering your domain name now!

See if your domain name is available: (We will reply within 24 hours)


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registration fees

$199 per 2 yrs

$150 per 2 yrs

$150 per 2 yrs

$150 per 2 yrs

$150 per 2 yrs

$150 per 2 yrs

$250 per 2 yrs

.edu or .edu.au


domain name registration

Domain name registration is the process where you apply for and register a domain name for your business or organisation.  By registering your domain name, you are securing it for a period of 2 years. You will need to re-register your domain name after this registration period expires, otherwise it becomes available for registration by others. Netsell takes care of all this for you.

To register an Australian domain name - .com.au - you are required by law to provide a Registered Business Name (RBN) company certificate.  This insures registered companies against their business name being taken and used as a domain name by another unrelated organisation.

Australian law allows companies to abbreviate their RBN for use in their domain name, eg Joe’s Wheels and Deals are allowed to register jwd.com.au, however nothing can be added to the RBN for use in the domain name, eg joeswheelsandspecialdeals.com.au would not be allowed.

To register an Australian educational domain name - .edu.au - you are also required to provide Education Department documents from your state or territory. This domain name does not at present require re-registration every two years.

All other domain names, for example .com, .net, .info, .biz, .org and .tv can be registered without the need of an RBN as these names do not carry the .au suffix and are therefore not bound by Australian legislation.

It is advisable that an Australian company wishing to sell their products, services or information locally register a .com.au name. As a rule of thumb, Australians looking for products and services within Australia use search engines that will find Australian companies with com.au domain names.

domain name hosting

To be able to use your domain name in your email or website address, you need to have it hosted on a Domain Name Server (DNS). The DNS is in place in order to provide a place to send email addressed to @yourcompany.com.au and a place to send requests to visit the website www.yourcompany.com.au.

Netsell owns its own DNS and offers hosting of your domain name on our servers.


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